About Yolis Carpet Cleaning

Starting at a young age, Salvador always had an intuition for entrepreneurship. He dream of having his own business, but as for many, life is filled with challenges and Salvador’s dream seemed far from reach. He Commuted to work from Hesperia to Rancho Cucamonga six days out of the week, working 12 hour  shifts to offer his family the basiec daily living necessities. In the meantime Yolanda, his wife also worked to help him make ends meet and provide for their three children. For many years the family continue with such a lifestyle; it was simple, humble, and modest, but it left very little time and money for leisure and activities. In addition, living paycheck to paycheck was not in Salvador’s plans.

It was then that Salvador was offered an opportunity that he was not going to give up. His brother in law, owner of his family carpet cleaning business offered to teach Salvador the trade of carpet and tile steam cleaning. On his only day off, Salvador dedicated himself to learning all about carpet/tile care, maintenance, and repair. As time went by, Salvador began to feel more and more competent in such trade. Salvador and his wife Yolanda then decided that it was time for a change. They were certain that with God’s Guidance and with Salvador’s great work ethics; Salvador’s dream would soon come true. Feeling a sense of mixed emotions, Salvador took out a loan to purchase his first truck mounted steam cleaner.

On March 24, 2003 Yoli’s Carpet Cleaning opened the doors to their business after his wife nickname; Yoli, since she has faithfully supported him and stood by his side as loving  and caring wife. Eleven years later and with the grace of God, Yoli’s Carpet Cleaning continues to proudly serve the High Desert Community. The business is now managed by Salvador and his two sons;  Salvador Jr. and Jose de Jesus. Salvador is very proud of his accomplishments; he is certain that with faith and prayer, the doors will open for God’s power to work in our lives.